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Introduction - My First Peanut Allergy Blog

It's Christmas day 2007 and this is my very first blog post ever and the official launch of the ASK ABOUT MY PEANUT ALLERGY site! Actually I talk and Mom and Dad type on the computer paraphrasing for me. Please bare with us as we are all new to this blog and web master thing. (NOTE: We haven't finished building our response forms yet, so feel free to send Dad any comments with tips on how to make my site better! )

It's hard to believe it's been over a year ago since deciding what to eat became such a serious part of my life. It was Thanksgiving week 2006 when I had my severe reaction described in the "FAQ" page. A few days later, a Pediatric Allergist was able to confirm my peanut allergy. It's amazing how quickly your life can change so dramatically. We went from eating out several times a week (one of the perks of living in Louisiana) to thinking we were going to be all eating oatmeal the rest of our lives!

There was so much stress in the first months after my diagnosis. Suddenly every food item was a major threat and we all felt sorry for ourselves. It was especially hard for family and friends to understand how what was perfectly acceptable meals and behavior yesterday, were suddenly risky and even life-threatening to me. The phrase "over-the-top" was used a lot to describe our initial reaction to my peanut allergy diagnosis. But as Mom kept saying, "The most important job Dad and I have is to protect you and until we really understand how to live with your peanut allergy, it's not worth taking unnecessary chances!"

It's now a year and half later and how things have changed for the better. Eating Christmas meals at two different family events this year went really smooth. Mom did a great job of coordinating with everyone to ensure all the food would be peanut and tree nut free. There were a few desert items brought by people that were from bakeries, not ideal, but those things were identified and kept away from the main food. They were not served until the very end when I was able to avoid the kitchen area all together.

I am also very excited that after 6 months in a peanut allergy desensitization treatment program at Arkansas Children's Hospital, the daily dosage that I eat is up to the equivalent of one and a half kernels of a peanut! Learn more by reading the "Treatment Research" page.

Well that's it for my introductory blog. I hope you find this site interesting and helpful. I will continue to update my progress with the peanut allergy treatment study and hope you visit often.




Bert, please see answer #2 on the FAQ page and thanks for visiting.

Bert Fife

Hello Bo,

I like hearing about your peanut allergy so I can better understand other boys and girls like you who might have a food allergy. In your picture, you don't look like you are allergic to anything. You look so healthy. What happened to make you think you had a food allergy?

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