Eating at Chick-fil-A Despite My Peanut Allergy
Are We There Yet?

Reducing Food Allergy Risks at Partys

This weekend I attended two different birthday parties and I did not have any peanut allergy issues with the food because both neighbors checked with my Mom while planning their parties to reduce the risks.

The party food is listed below with my comments:

Birthday Party #1

  • Pizza from Papa Johns (OK for me)
  • Blue Bunny ice cream singles (oops she meant to get Blue Bell brand for me, so I just brought my own)
  • Mardi Gras season traditional King Cake (did not eat because of cross contamination risk from bakery, brought my Mom's cupcakes with a few extra for my friends because they like them too!)

Build Your Own Piza Birthday Party #2
Each kid got to build their very own DeAngelo's personal pizza using the raw ingredients! Mom had met with the kitchen manager at DeAngelo's Pizzeria a few days before the party to make sure it was OK for me. Some of their purchased desserts have nuts and they do use some nuts in their salads, but since those foods and activities take place in a separate area of the kitchen; plus the fact that peanuts are my true food allergen, the build a pizza party was determined to be low risk for me.

  • DeAngelo's pizza (OK for me, mine was a cheese only masterpiece made by my very own hands!)
  • Blue Bell ice cream singles (OK for me)
  • Cookie cake from a local bakery (did not eat because of cross contamination risk from bakery, brought Mom's safe cupcakes)

We know that birthday parties can be a source of anxiety for families with a food allergy but thanks to considerate friends, Mom's diligence and cupcakes, combined with our routine of always bringing my personal peanut allergy safe cooler... life is truly a PARTY!


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