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My Daily Peanut Allergy Dosage & SunButter

Food Allergy Database Concept

My Daily Dosage Update
After 7 months, my daily dosage is now roughly the equivalent of 3 peanuts! When I first started in the peanut allergy treatment research study, my daily dosage was only just a few grains.

Food Allergy Database Concept
We are considering building a web based database resource for people with food allergies and for food allergy researchers. After reading the description below, we would appreciate your feedback about this database idea by submitting a comment to this post or an e-mail.

Think of this concept as a web based, searchable database that combines the usual benefits of searchable data (though it would consist only of self reported information) with the combined benefits that chat sites, customer review/ratings sites and mapquest/google maps sites provide.
The data would only be as personal as the submitter would want it to be. The submitter could answer as many or few questions as they liked and have control over their privacy options.

Example Database Questions and Data:
  • Year of Birth = 2001
  • sex = [blank]
  • country = USA
  • State = LA
  • city = New Orleans
  • street name = [blank]
  • zip = 70448
  • permission to publish street address = no
  • food allergy 1 = peanut
  • food allergy 2 = dairy
  • history of asthma = yes
  • history of exzema = yes
  • twin = N/A
  • sibling(s) = yes
  • sibling(s) has a food allergy = yes
  • sibling food allergy = same
  • parent(s) food allergy = N/A
  • e-mail address = askaboutmypeanutallergy @
  • display e-mail address? = no
  • Opt in to receive survey/research invitations by e-mail without your e-mail being shared with sender? = yes

Now that you have read the database concept above, we would appreciate your feedback about this idea by submitting a comment to this post or an e-mail.

Thank you!



Hi Bo! So glad to read about your latest dosage results. Looking forward to keeping up with you on the rest of your journey throught the trial.

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