Peanut Allergy Treatment Update
Thank You Trace Adkins for Supporting Food Allergy Research

Bo's Peanut Allergy Treatment Update

My Daily Dosage Update
After 10 months, my daily peanut allergy treatment dosage is now approximately the equivalent of six peanuts! When I first started in the peanut allergy treatment research study, my daily dosage was only a few grains.

Food Allergy Skin Test and Blood Work
Today's visit to Arkansas Children's hospital involved blood tests and skin tests to monitor my peanut allergy treatment progress. As you can see from the first photo below, I have gotten used to these tests now, so I'm pretty relaxed.


The poking and needles don't bother me near as much as them pulling the tape off afterwards! Dad finds that ironic (one of these days I am going to understand what that word means!)

In this second photo, drops of various peanut dilution solutions are put on my back to test which ones cause an allergic reaction and how big the reaction area gets.


In the third photo, my skin is slightly pricked under each test drop so it gets under my skin. Sounds bad, but each prick feels more like a pinch.


10 minutes after the food allergy skin test begins... can you guess which red spot on my back is my allergic reaction to the full strength peanut solution?


Here's a hint... top right of the picture! I go through all of this in the name of food allergy research, plus Mom and Dad reward me with cool Lego sets too!


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