A Peanut Free Evacuation from Gustav
Promising Peanut Allergy Treatment Results

Peanut Allergy Treatment Update

Bo's new daily dose of peanut treatment is now about equal to 1/2 of a peanut. He eats this every day mixed with applesauce. So far he has not had any type of allergic reaction to these initial doses of peanut.

Sorry about the lack of recent posts. Even though our house was spared any damage from hurricanes Gustav and Ike, they definitely disrupted our normal routine for the past month. Dad has been working long hours keeping his company's web site updated about hurricane related issues and mom has been handling all the logistics of rearranging many people's travel arrangements and the fun of constantly changing school and baseball team schedules.

Thanks for all the great comments and e-mails, we really enjoy hearing how Bo's blog about his participation in this peanut allergy treatment research study is giving so many of you hope. Despite the expense and time required of the 900 mile round trips every other week for the study, we feel truly blessed to be able for Bo to participate in this peanut allergy treatment research.

For those of you that missed our previous post, be sure to read our review of The Beyond A Peanut - Food Allergy Awareness Cards  that teach peanut and tree nut allergic children and those who provide care for them, that staying safe with a food allergy goes beyond the allergen itself.


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