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Bo's Peanut Allergy Treatment Over 7 Peanuts!

Bo's Peanut Allergy Treatment Over 3 Peanuts!

We are now in that phase of Bo's peanut allergy desensitization treatments where the dosage increases alot every two weeks. He is now eating enough peanut flour every day to equal more than 3 peanuts! So far, he has not had any allergic reactions and the only issue we have to deal with is his dislike of the taste of peanuts. But Bo understands how important it is to keep up the treatments and he is preparing himself mentally for April when he will convert to eating peanut products, like peanut butter or peanut M&Ms, every day instead of peanut flour.

Great Online Source for Allergen-Free Foods

AllerNeeds online store provides a large selection of great-tasting peanut free and allergen free foods including chocolate, snacks, cake mixes, brownies, muffins and more. All the products they carry are produced in guaranteed peanut/tree nut free facilities. And if you have other food allergies, such as, wheat, dairy, egg, or soy, it's easy to shop AllerNeeds web site using their Shop-by-Allergy Search tool.

We have updated Bo's Peanut Safe Foods list page with his favorite foods from AllerNeeds including the chocolate Mars bars, Nonuttin' Granola Clusters with vanilla & caramel, and AllerEnergy Bars - Blueberry.

Birthday Party Tips for Food Allergy Guests

A neighbor made Bo's day this weekend when she went out of her way to make sure all the food (pizza, cake & ice cream) at her son's birthday party was peanut safe for Bo! Kathleen called several times in the days before the party to make sure she had all the bases covered regarding the peanut safety of the ingredients she was cooking with and the food she was buying. Bo was so excited to be able to eat the same things all the other kids were eating at the birthday party. Totally awesome to have such caring friends!

We also wanted to spread the word about a simple, but cool kitchen product we recently discovered that makes it easy for your food allergic child to carry their own homemade, food allergy safe cupcake to a birthday party or school.


It's a plastic container for a single cupcake that doesn't smear the icing or smash the cup cake! Now it's easy for Bo to bring a homemade, peanut safe cupcake in his lunchkit or cooler.

Order Cup-a-Cake Containers (Set of 5)



Glad to hear that he is recovering from his allergy.


Dan Johnston

Thank you for all your work and sharing this blog with everyone. At 24 years old it is giving me some hope that I may one day be able to travel to Thailand and other destinations which right now are beyond scary!

Id love to set up a link exchange so that we can send those in need of help to one anothers website.

My site is

Keep up the amazing work,


That is fabulous news!! Thanks so much for this website to keep us updated on your progress!!

Jennifer B

Wow--more than 3 peanuts a day! That is amazing!! So exciting.

We like the cup-a-cake containers too. It's too bad they are not dishwasher safe, though!

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