Bo was recently interviewed by Jennifer Gregory for an article titled "A Tough Nut to Crack: Peanut Allergies Are Expanding Exponentially, But So, Too, Are The Treatments".
Peanut Allergy Treatments Continue to Advance

Bo Still Cured 4 Years After Peanut Allergy Treatments Ended

It has been nearly four years since Bo ended his peanut allergy oral immunotherapy at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. So we wanted to provide a quick update on the continuing success of his peanut desensitization.

Today, Bo is a healthy, happy eighth grader that is as "normal" as a 14 year old teenager in high school can be, especially considering for many years he suffered with a life threatening peanut allergy.

The only remaining aspects of his five years of peanut allergy oral immunotherapy treatments is that he eats a Snicker’s ice cream bar every 3-5 days to maintain his desensitization to peanuts.

We do not worry about what foods he eats (other than encouraging him to eat healthy and in moderation) as any person should. When we are asked by Doctors or restaurants if he has any food allergies… our answer is …“No”.

So as one of the pioneers in the earliest food allergy treatment programs, Bo is living proof that oral immunotherapy treatment programs can be successful at generating long-term cures for deadly food allergies, like peanuts. Thanks Dr. Stacie Jones, nurse Karen and team at Arkansas Children’s Hospital!

Prayers for everyone who suffers with life threatening food allergies, as well as, their families, friends and the health workers who are dedicated to ending them.

Now if only we could get him to routinely put his dirty clothes in the hamper instead of scattered across his bedroom floor. Anyone know of any cures for that teenage syndrome?

May God bless you all!


Bo and family



Bo's Parents

We no longer have Bo tested because he has been cured of his peanut allergy for the past four years with no issues and no diet restrictions of any kind. As for his IgE, levels it did not improve in year one of the treatment because it turned out he got placebo in year one. It began to improve slowly over time over years 2,3, and 4 of his treatments when he was receiving actual peanut flour instead of placebo.


Great story! Thank you for doing this Bo, your braveness encouraged many of us start OIT! Do you still monitor his igE and can you please comment on his levels over time? Thank you!


I just have to say thank you for clearing the path for the rest of us! I was absolutely speachless when I read this. My son is in his 2nd month of OIT and reading your story only strengthens my hope for the future! Do you mind if I ask, does he still follow a rest period after eating peanuts? And does he now test negative on blood or skin tests? Thanks again for sharing your story. Just amazing!

Gail Frank

Thank you so much for the update! GO BO! You and your story give hope to the thousands of followers in our Facebook OIT groups. #OITworks

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