Bo's Parents

Bo's ige # was 100 before starting the study, went as high as 300 during treatment, and is now 16. When Bo's ige level is <15, then he will move to the next phase of his peanut desensitization treatment in which he will stop eating daily peanut doses completely for 30 days. After being off peanut protein for 30 days then he will be re-challenged to determine if his ige levels remain permanently low.


My daughter just started pre-school, she has a classmate with a peanut allergy and with her birthday coming up, I wanted to make sure to be sensitive to that child. Your sight helped us to find a snack to send in for her birthday that he could enjoy too, thanks!


I was curious what his ige level was from a blood test before tx began. We just received my 5 yr olds results and her # was >100. thanks so much


I'm surprised to find Keebler products as part of your approved snacks. Perhaps they have changed but 10 years ago when we discovered my 2 year old son had life threatening reactions to peanuts, I called Keebler. They told me that their products may or may not have nuts in them whether or not the package said. We haven't purchased Keebler since.


Thank you so much for sharing your research and knowledge! My 14 month baby was just diagnosed and your info makes my research much easier. Thank you.

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