my daughter was just diagnosed yesterday with a peanut allergy, this page has been a HUGE help. Thank you!!

Sennen Conte

Bo, check out our line of pumpkin & sunflower seeds; they are all cert. peanut/tree nut Free. I'd love to send you a sample of your choice! check out all our lines @


Thank you for your blog! I live in Arkansas, and I know that our Children's Hospital is one of the best. As an adult who is just beginning to struggle with food allergies, your blog, and especially your lists, have given me hope that I can manage this more easily than I thought. Keep it up, good luck, and may God bless you!


Watch out for Snyder's of Berlin cheese curls. There is no peanuts listed in the allergy information but up above in the ingredients peanuts are listed. My 6 year old is level 4 allergic to peanuts. Even getting a peanut on his skin with cause him to break out.

Beth English

Bo...THANK YOU!!! My daughter was just diagnosed at age 4. I am a teacher and see every day in the classroom, but to actually have my child severly allergic to peanuts is another thing. You have a great site here and it has helped me. Good luck! The program you are in sounds wonderful!

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