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Peanut Safe Dining At Disney - Day 1

My Daily Dosage is Up to About 2.5 Peanuts!

After 6 1/2 months, my daily dosage is now about equal to 2.5 peanuts! When I first started in the peanut allergy treatment research study, my daily dosage was so small you could barely see it in a cup.

Reports of Good Study Results
In the other peanut allergy treatment study at Arkansas Children's Hospital, everyone is eating real peanut flour, every day, no placebos for anyone. A few of the kids we met that are in that study are doing really good. After a year, they are passing food challenges of as high as 8-10 peanuts. We were told some very exciting results from this peanut allergy treatment research study should be published in a major medical journal by this Summer. We are also hearing that their increased tolerance to peanuts, appears to be long-term!

Blog Posts Coming Soon

  • Answers to questions about our travel routine (every other week, we spend 14 hours in the Expedition for about 2 total hours of hospital lab time!)
  • Live updates of our peanut safe fun from vacation at Disney World in Orlando

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