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June 2008

Peanut Allergy Treatment was Placebo

Today, Bo completed the first year of his two year double-blind peanut allergy desensitization study at Children's Hospital in Little Rock, Bo's food challenge was stopped today after eating less than 100 mg of peanut flour because of his positive allergic reaction which included itchy mouth, lip swelling, and some hives.

Afterwords, we learned that Bo was part of the peanut allergy study group randomly selected to receive placebo instead of the peanut flour. So after one year of 900 mile round trips every other week, we now start over with the very low base daily dosage and repeat year one of the peanut allergy treatment. Although we are disappointed, we take comfort in the fact that from now on Bo is guaranteed to be getting the real peanut flour and we look forward to the treatment decreasing his sensitivity to peanuts as the treatment has done for others.

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Bo's Parents