Bo's Peanut Allergy Treatment Over 7 Peanuts!
Bo's Peanut Allergy Study Update

Peanut Allergy Treatment Success News

After two years of peanut allergy desensitization treatment at Arkansas Children's Hospital under the care of Dr. Stacie Jones (and of course Nurse Karen and Nurse Anne), Bo is now eating the equivalent of 9 peanuts every day without an allergic reaction!

After being in the peanut allergy treatment study for over two years (Bo was getting the placebo in year one) we now only have 2 more every-other-week trips to make to Little Rock! After that, we graduate to only having to go once every quarter. While preparing our 2008 taxes we realized we drove 26,000 miles last year from our home in South, Louisiana to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock for Bo's twice a month peanut flour dosage increases. The reduced travel schedule will be like getting a raise for the family budget!

As we have been hinting over the past year, the peanut allergy research Bo is participating in has been showing very promising results towards a cure. Now you can read about the success of these peanut allergy desensitization pilot studies for yourself in the news articles below from NPR and USA Today, written after a report was released by Dr. Wesley Burkes of Duke University Medical Center and Dr. Stacie Jones of Arkansas Children's Hospital at a meeting on March 15, of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Washington, D.C.

Experiment Takes a Bite Out of Peanut Allergies- NPR

Researchers move closer to cracking peanut allergies - USA Today

As always our message to the food allergy community is one of hope for a cure to peanut allergy and other food allergies, so we close with this quote...

"Within the next five years, I think we're going to have some active therapy for food allergy," says Burk's collaborator, Dr. Stacie Jones of Arkansas Children's Hospital.

God Bless,

Bo's Parents



Glad to hear that he already recover his peanut allergy.


Leiah McEver

I have a 12 year old who has a peanut and tree nut allergy. When I first heard of the success with this new study, I was driving and felt a sense of hope like never before with this peanut allergy that has pretty much controlled everything we do. Thank you for this website which has already answered so many of my questions. I would love to get my son involved in a study like bo has gone through. How did you hear about the opportunity to participate in this study?

Jennifer B

Very exciting! Will continue to follow Bo's progress with interest.


I read the news and I am so thankful to everyone involved in the research. I am glad to hear Bo's promising treatment, all the hardwork(the drive...etc) is worth it!

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